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Thai Retirement Visa

Retirement Visa Non Immigrant Visa Category O

A Thai Retirement Visa is a specific visa category designed for foreign nationals aged 50 and above who wish to spend their retirement years in Thailand. This visa grants the holder the opportunity to reside in Thailand for an extended period, typically one year, with the option for annual renewals.

To qualify for a Thai Retirement Visa, applicants must fulfill certain criteria, such as demonstrating a specific level of income or savings, maintaining a clean criminal record, and possibly acquiring health insurance or undergoing a medical examination. The application process entails submitting various documents, including a valid passport, a completed visa application form, and evidence of income or savings. Additional documents, like a police clearance certificate or a medical certificate, may also be required.

Upon approval of a Thai Retirement Visa, retirees are permitted to reside in Thailand for the visa’s duration and renew it on an annual basis. However, working in Thailand is prohibited while on a Retirement Visa. Nevertheless, visa holders can participate in activities like volunteering or learning new skills. In summary, a Thai Retirement Visa is an excellent choice for eligible foreign nationals who wish to retire in Thailand, as it enables them to reside in the country for extended periods and fully experience the Thai way of life.

  • 50 years old of age or older.
  • Passport (at least 1 year remaining until expiration).
  • Holding the nationality or permanent residence of country of application.
  • Proof of meeting financial requirement *
  • Bank letter showing funds or pension statement.
  • Passport – a copy of every page signed by applicant.
  • Non-Immigrant Visa.
  • Departure Card TM.6.
  • Proof of meeting financial requirement *
  • Thailand Bank book (original).
  • Letter from your Thai Bank.
  • Medical Certificate (provided by doctor at first class hospital).
  • 3 x photos which are 4 x 5 centimetres in size (not passport photos) with full face and taken wearing business attire (no hat and some jurisdictions require suit and tie). Taken within the last 6 months.
  • Bank account showing thb 800,000.
  • Monthly income of at least thb 65,000.
  • Combination (bank account + income x 12 = thb 800,000)

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