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Get A Thai Bank Account

How to Open a Bank Account in Thailand

If you are a foreigner just visited Thailand and want to set up a Thai Bank account, you may have already tried but only turned away by saying, you must have a Work Permit. If you want to have your own Bank Account with top banks in Thailand then you are at the right place. A team of Thai Visa Expert, will prepare the supporting documents on your behalf whether you are on Standard Tourist Visa or 30 days Exempt Stamp. You need to contact us a day before accompanying us to the nearest bank.

Start your account with the deposit of Minimum 500 THB and you can make daily transactions easily with an unlimited number of transitions and amount of cash deposits and withdrawals. In addition of bank book, you will also get a debit card will make transactions easier by debiting utilities bills and goods, services or even shopping online.

  • Passport or travel document with validity of not less than 6 months.
  • Attending a Thai University.
  • Full Time enrolment – University documents certifying eligibility.
  • Please note, that people of the following nationalities: Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Sri-Lanka and Middle Eastern countries must apply for it in their own country.

** All ED visa terms and conditions are subject to change depending on Ministry of Education regulations.

Including visa extensions, all visas are evaluated by immigration. As long as we follow all of these regulations, we can service visa applications. Preparing all documents and submitting ED visa applications, as well as visa extensions, are complimentary services for your convenience. 

You can stay longer in Thailand with this type of visa. If you want to learn Thai or another language, you need this type of visa. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we handle the supporting documents and process your visa application.

  • Recent passport-sized photograph (4 x 6 cm) of the applicant taken within the past 6 months.
  • Completed visa application form.

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